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About Us!

Since 2010

AKOFIT company started its activity in fitness in 2010, initially only under the coaching of Milad Rezaei. After a few years, AKOFIT continued its work, which is designing specialized fitness packages including exercise and diet plans, by forming a strong team. Since then, AKOFIT has been proud to serve more than ten thousand clients worldwide.

We pursue one goal at AKOFIT and that is the expansion of physical health level and, consequently, the mental health of people in society.

AKOFIT provides everything a person needs to achieve his ideal style, using the latest methods in the world, in the form of exceptional packages for you dear ones.

1. Our company gains proper understanding of each person’s physical characteristics, anatomical features and strengths and weakness spots by analyzing the photos sent by you dear ones. In addition, each person’s laboratory data and clinical history will be checked by AKOFIT medical section depending on his or her desire.

2. Training programs are designed professionally according to each person’s goal (increasing size and weight, fat burning and shaping, etc.) and condition using the latest training methods in the world. Also, training videos prepared by AKOFIT will be provided to our clients to perform their training programs with the highest quality.

3. Depending on your physical condition and purpose, we design effective and science-based diet plans with a suitable combination of all macronutrients.

4. According to your coach’s opinion and your desire, your supplement plan will be designed and presented to help you in reaching your target.

Each AKOFIT packages has its own specific options. Dear clients can choose the one which suits them the best depending on their purpose and situation.

The shortest package takes forty-five days. During each plan, every client can have his/her own supporter. Our professional supporters will accompany you to your desired destination.

We’ve provide educational videos to make your exercise sessions better and to let you enjoy your work out. These videos were recorded by our professional athlete and our head coach and will be sent to our dear clients.

Receiving daily reports from each client helps you keep staying on track and will strengthen your will to cut the space between you and your goal on a daily basis.

AKOFIT means the peak of health
In AKOFIT,there is a team eager to see all of you dears celebrating your successes.


General Principals
Milad Rezaei

  • Exercise
  • In general, I believe in high-intensity and high-volume workouts for professionals on a weekly basis. (Of course not all year round) I also try to bring my clients variety of exercise systems according to the mesocycles I design for them.

  • Nutrition
  • Generally speaking, I think all three macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate) are important and eliminating one or more from your diet is a big mistake.

  • Supplements
  • In my opinion, the right supplement, if given correctly to the athlete, can have tremendous benefits such as compensating for nutritional deficiencies, improving hypertrophy, improving recovery, speeding up the effectiveness and conclusion, and even more positive effects.

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