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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are 32 of the most frequently questions for your convenience

1. I tried different diets but after giving up I went back to the first state.
2. Do I experience hair loss while going on a diet?
3. Doesn't sagging and loosening of the skin occur with the start of the diet and weight loss?
4. Are the conclusions from the diets and programs definitive?
5. What is the maximum weight we lose in a period?
6. How long does it take to reach our ideal body?
7. Will taking supplements be harmful?
8. Is using herbal tea and beverages helpful?
9. How effective are fat burning pills?
10. When is the best time to exercise?
11. Are home exercises as effective as working out in gym?
12. Due to long working hours and not having enough time and energy, is it possible to reduce training sessions?
13. Can I get the program but start a week later?
14. What are your diets like? Are they suitable for everyone?
15. Given the COVID pandemic and the closure of gyms, how can we continue training?
16. What is the ninety-day package like?
17. Can I start the diet but start exercising a week after that? (Or vice versa)
18. Can I exercise due to the injury I have in a certain area of ​​my body?
19. Is it possible to achieve the desired result without using supplements?
20. I don’t have any piece of equipment at home. How do I exercise?
21. Do I necessarily have to exercise at gym for better results?
22. Is there a cheat meal in your diet?
23. I hate certain foods like chicken. What should I do?
24. What should I do with the supplements I already have?
25. Is lab data necessary to have a diet?
26. Is it harmful to do weight exercises alongside my own field of sport?
27. How much weight will I lose (or gain) in two months?
28. Is it possible to lose weight and burn fat in some parts like belly? (I want a flat belly but I also want my breasts and butt to stay at their current size)
29. Does the use of heavy weights make women's bodies masculine?
30. When is the best time for cardio exercises?
31. Does sex prevent muscle building?
32. Is there an age limit for starting bodybuilding?