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Milad Rezaei
AKOFIT Manager

Milad Rezaei, founder and president of AKOFIT Company, started sports as during childhood at the age of 7. During his adolescence, he pursued sports such as karate, football, and wrestling to championship levels. Finally, at the age of 18, he started bodybuilding professionally. At the age of 23, in his first experience of an official competition, in Mazandaran competitions, he won the silver medal in the last category of physique.

Academic education:
Milad Rezaei has a master's degree in clinical psychology with a focus on sport psychology. During his studies, he has published two articles focusing on the effects of exercise on mental health.
He started his coaching career in 2011 and successfully passed various degrees of the Iranian Bodybuilding Federation. Finally, he received the IFBB Coaching Certificate in the presence of the President of the IFBB, Mr. Rafael Santonja in 2017.
In 2018, he left for Oman to work at Oman Horizon Fitness (the largest sports company in the Middle East), where he continued his coaching career in an international level.

International coaching qualifications:
1: Official REPs dubai certificate of body building and fitness coaching from, 2019, Dubai, UAE. (The most valid certificate for coaching in Arabic countries).
2: IFBB official certificate of coaching with presence of Mr. Rafael Santonja, IFBB president, 2017, Tehran, IRI.
3: IFBB official certificate of coaching with presence of Mr. Paul Philborn, IFBB president. 2018.
4: International certificate of Fitness and physique coaching from Europe WTG academy
5: International certificate of bodybuilding coaching from Yeditipe academy of sports and medicine, Turkey.
6: International certificate of bodybuilding coaching from Gorgia Federation of Bodybuilding.

Milad Rezaei has also participated in over fifty educational and scientific seminars on various topics such as body posture correction, exercise during pregnancy, supplements and nutrition, nutrition and weight management, etc.

During these years, Milad Rezaei has worked with many students from different countries as a coach and in the field of health and fitness, he has led many people to their ideal goals and style.

Also in the competitions section, he has had the experience of coaching for many champions (generally admission from amateur level to the championship), both in domestic competitions and in foreign competitions, with different championship titles.

Milad Rezaei also founded AKOFIT company in 2020. This company provides online diet and workout plans for many people around the world.